Sunday, August 21, 2011

My Favourite Time

Camera Roll-259

It's back to school time! One of my favourite times of the year, I don't know why but I just love shopping for back to school, always have. There's just something about buying a new bag and stationary that just puts me in a great mood. I think it's more of a fact that I'm just looking forward to another year at university, a fresh start again. Even though I know this year (my 3rd year) is going to be crazy busy & probably tougher then the last two I just want to get into everything. I feel super motivated right now. I hope it keeps up though.

Time is flying by so fast that I feel like I really need to grab a hold of things while they're here. I still feel that I haven't really gotten the university experience that I wanted, so I'm looking forward to being more involved in MSA and other things this year. Meeting new people also makes the top of my list and I'm really going to try and make an effort to do that.

My secret weapon this year will be my trusty sidekick, the ipad 2. We've been inseparable since the day I got it (which was the day it came out ofcourse cuzimgeekylikethat) lol no seriously I have totally abandoned my macbook pro after the ipad but it's been the best thing ever. I just hope I can take notes on it easily, because I haven't tried that yet. I thought it would be ignored during Ramadan but turns out I got awesome apps like QuranMajeed, which I read Quran on and RamadanTime which plays the most beautiful Adhan at Suhoor & Iftaar time. So the point is I <3 my ipad.

I might do a post on like my top favourite apps for school for the ipad/iphone/itouch. So watch out for that.

I'm also really getting into photography so check out my flickr on the right & the photo in this post was also taken by me during our trip to montreal last month.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Long time, No See

It's been way too long since I posted on this blog, what can I say I got caught up in the hectic university life and if your wondering, yes i did make friends and got the required gpa to get into my program and all is well alhumdullilah, partly because it's the summer and i still have about a month to go before I go back to university for my 3rd year.

Reading my previous posts It seems like so long ago i was that timid froshie and you dont realize how much you change over time till you see something like this. So much has changed in my life and all of the better. I am so grateful to Allah for his blessings.

Recently I watched a video by Nauman Ali Khan and i'll link it below but it got me thinking that we young people have so much power to get our thoughts and ideas heard to tell people about Islam and i want to do just that so I have decided to get back on here and share just not the ups and downs of a surviving hijabi but also share my thoughts and struggles on my journey to become a better muslim.

Being a pakistani I was born a muslim (alhumdullilah) but I realize how most of us just take that for granted, our parents are muslim, we know the basics, we pray here and there, stay away from alchohol, drugs and haram stuff but is that really it? Is that all there is to islam? Ofcourse not! So Iam going to set out to figure out just that.

May Allah (SWT) guide us all to the straight path. Ameen.

Monday, November 9, 2009

A New Beginning...

Coming from a high school where you were in the "it" crowd, had a million friends, and your mouth got sore from smiling so much and saying "hi" to people you knew in the hallways because you basically knew everyone and then one day leaving all that behind for a place always busy with thousands of people, where you thought you'd ace every course and the place where your suppose to have "the best years of your life"...yes University.

I'm starting to think if I'm the only loser who doesn't have any proper group of friends by now in first year at university.I mean I'm not THAT shy and I get along with people too then WHY is this soo hard? It was easier back when we were kids, you shared your lunch with the girl sitting next to you and later asked her "will you be my friend?" and she said "sure" and that was that.

These days all I wish is to go back to the comfort of my old high school where everyone knew everyone, you didn't have to worry about messing up your GPA before giving every test (ATLEAST not every freakin week!) and where it was less stressful.

I still remember the good old kindergarten days, getting snacks, nap time and the only worry was making sure you colored in the lines while coloring Barney's purple butt. Now THOSE days were the real chillin times.

I keep comforting myself thinking its always the first year that's the hardest, after all who said this would be easy. I remember when i changed school's thinking my new school would be awesome but ended up hating it the first month but by the end of the first year I had started settling in, the second was the best year of my life and the third was one where I made some life long friendships. The point is I think I just need to hang in there and wait for this sucky first year to pass. Although right know I wish i could just fast forward all this.

After all it's not that bad, the campus is pretty awesome, people aren't backstabbing each other like in high school and there's no drama. Plus you can bring Timmy's in class & facebook when the prof is droning on and on about the economy crashing, Now that's good.

The other thing that really makes me smile is all the hijabi sisters, especially those in the sisters prayer room, really gives you a good feeling inside like your not alone with just a simple "Salam" when entering the sisters prayer room.

Let's hope I get through this. I'm missing out on the fun life.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mid-Term Season

Students lined up outside the lecture hall, chattering away about how the course load just sucks, how university life is so crazy and how the Pub night was so awesome and you totally missed it. Starbucks in one hand, the other clutching the laptop you wish you didn't have to carry around...This is a typical morning at the University of Toronto.
What's special these days you may ask? well let's just look over it again;

Not a single person standing outside the hall, instead you better watch your step you wouldn't want to step on someone's hand do you? as far as you can see, students sitting on the benches, on the ground, on the stairs with books open doing a bit of last minuite if they don't know it just makes it worse, everyone knows that right? i hesitate and then carefully step over a guy with his laptop open sitting on the stairs, how bad can it be?

Oh how I hate mid-term season, I thought I could do what I did in high school, study the night before the exam and get straight A's, it worked in High school, it should work here too....well the big fat "F" that I saw when i got back my first test proved me wrong. So much for my studying technique.
I never thought university life would hit me so hard, no wonder they have like a bazillion "transition programs", which just made me laugh when I saw them back in August, how different could university be? I could handle it...I guess I was wrong.

I need a new technique and fast before i totally screw over my GPA. Some people say the first year is the hardest, while others say it's the easiest, all I want to know is what's the REAL deal? out of 1200 management students just 60 by the end of fourth year...i just know i have to be no. 59