Sunday, August 21, 2011

My Favourite Time

Camera Roll-259

It's back to school time! One of my favourite times of the year, I don't know why but I just love shopping for back to school, always have. There's just something about buying a new bag and stationary that just puts me in a great mood. I think it's more of a fact that I'm just looking forward to another year at university, a fresh start again. Even though I know this year (my 3rd year) is going to be crazy busy & probably tougher then the last two I just want to get into everything. I feel super motivated right now. I hope it keeps up though.

Time is flying by so fast that I feel like I really need to grab a hold of things while they're here. I still feel that I haven't really gotten the university experience that I wanted, so I'm looking forward to being more involved in MSA and other things this year. Meeting new people also makes the top of my list and I'm really going to try and make an effort to do that.

My secret weapon this year will be my trusty sidekick, the ipad 2. We've been inseparable since the day I got it (which was the day it came out ofcourse cuzimgeekylikethat) lol no seriously I have totally abandoned my macbook pro after the ipad but it's been the best thing ever. I just hope I can take notes on it easily, because I haven't tried that yet. I thought it would be ignored during Ramadan but turns out I got awesome apps like QuranMajeed, which I read Quran on and RamadanTime which plays the most beautiful Adhan at Suhoor & Iftaar time. So the point is I <3 my ipad.

I might do a post on like my top favourite apps for school for the ipad/iphone/itouch. So watch out for that.

I'm also really getting into photography so check out my flickr on the right & the photo in this post was also taken by me during our trip to montreal last month.

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