Monday, November 9, 2009

A New Beginning...

Coming from a high school where you were in the "it" crowd, had a million friends, and your mouth got sore from smiling so much and saying "hi" to people you knew in the hallways because you basically knew everyone and then one day leaving all that behind for a place always busy with thousands of people, where you thought you'd ace every course and the place where your suppose to have "the best years of your life"...yes University.

I'm starting to think if I'm the only loser who doesn't have any proper group of friends by now in first year at university.I mean I'm not THAT shy and I get along with people too then WHY is this soo hard? It was easier back when we were kids, you shared your lunch with the girl sitting next to you and later asked her "will you be my friend?" and she said "sure" and that was that.

These days all I wish is to go back to the comfort of my old high school where everyone knew everyone, you didn't have to worry about messing up your GPA before giving every test (ATLEAST not every freakin week!) and where it was less stressful.

I still remember the good old kindergarten days, getting snacks, nap time and the only worry was making sure you colored in the lines while coloring Barney's purple butt. Now THOSE days were the real chillin times.

I keep comforting myself thinking its always the first year that's the hardest, after all who said this would be easy. I remember when i changed school's thinking my new school would be awesome but ended up hating it the first month but by the end of the first year I had started settling in, the second was the best year of my life and the third was one where I made some life long friendships. The point is I think I just need to hang in there and wait for this sucky first year to pass. Although right know I wish i could just fast forward all this.

After all it's not that bad, the campus is pretty awesome, people aren't backstabbing each other like in high school and there's no drama. Plus you can bring Timmy's in class & facebook when the prof is droning on and on about the economy crashing, Now that's good.

The other thing that really makes me smile is all the hijabi sisters, especially those in the sisters prayer room, really gives you a good feeling inside like your not alone with just a simple "Salam" when entering the sisters prayer room.

Let's hope I get through this. I'm missing out on the fun life.