Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mid-Term Season

Students lined up outside the lecture hall, chattering away about how the course load just sucks, how university life is so crazy and how the Pub night was so awesome and you totally missed it. Starbucks in one hand, the other clutching the laptop you wish you didn't have to carry around...This is a typical morning at the University of Toronto.
What's special these days you may ask? well let's just look over it again;

Not a single person standing outside the hall, instead you better watch your step you wouldn't want to step on someone's hand do you? as far as you can see, students sitting on the benches, on the ground, on the stairs with books open doing a bit of last minuite cramming...as if they don't know it just makes it worse, everyone knows that right? i hesitate and then carefully step over a guy with his laptop open sitting on the stairs, how bad can it be?

Oh how I hate mid-term season, I thought I could do what I did in high school, study the night before the exam and get straight A's, it worked in High school, it should work here too....well the big fat "F" that I saw when i got back my first test proved me wrong. So much for my studying technique.
I never thought university life would hit me so hard, no wonder they have like a bazillion "transition programs", which just made me laugh when I saw them back in August, how different could university be? I could handle it...I guess I was wrong.

I need a new technique and fast before i totally screw over my GPA. Some people say the first year is the hardest, while others say it's the easiest, all I want to know is what's the REAL deal? out of 1200 management students just 60 by the end of fourth year...i just know i have to be no. 59


  1. LOL this post sounds exactly like me in my first year.

    And sorry to burst your bubble but it's actually 50 students!

  2. Did you join MSA? You could make a large group of friends there inshaAllah